Summer is a great time to whiten your teeth!

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There has never been a better time to whiten your teeth. At Brennan Family Dentistry we have a variety of products to achieve a whiter, brighter smile:

For those looking to whiten at home, our Crest Whitestrip Supreme are 80% stronger than the over-the-counter strips. Patients wear the strips twice a day for thirty minutes. Within twenty one days you will have completed the treatment.

Our second at-home option is the custom tray system. Patients will have custom trays made to be worn approximately one to two times daily for up to two weeks. One of the great benefits of the tray system is once trays are made you can touch-up at anytime.

Our last option is the in-office Britesmile. Many patients favor this option due to the simplicity; one appointment and you’re done! The total appointment takes approximately 2 hours and you leave with your teeth at their maximum white.

With any whitening procedure there is always a chance of sensitivity. The good news is, it only last while whitening.

Whitening is the least expensive and least invasive way to cosmetically improve your appearance. If you have any questions as to which system will benefit you the most, please call the office at 616-447-3660

Angie, RDH

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