Our Second Quarter Employee Profile

Meet Pauline Cassis!


HOW LONG HAVE YOU WORKED FOR DR. BRENNAN?:     I have been with BFCD for over 13 years.  This June I will have been working in dentistry for 28 years….WOW!!      

FAVORITE DENTAL STORY:   When I dressed up for Halloween as the “Chaquita Bannana Lady”.  An orange fell off my head and onto the patient during a procedure. YIKES!   Then, Pat tried to superglue it back on my fruit hat but ended up supergluing my hair onto the hat.  I had a bald spot for weeks! 

FAVORITE MOVIE:   Depends on who you talk to……

My son- StarTrek

My youngest daughter-The Hobbit

My oldest daughter-Any Marvel Movie

My husband-Star Wars

WHO WINS??????

FAVORITE MUSIC/SONGSongs of the week (changes all the time)

Empty my hands –  by Tenth Avenue North

Sounds of Silence  –  by Disturbed


She has been the biggest inspiration in my life.  I have never met anyone so patient, gracious, hard working, selfless and can handle a circular saw like a professional.  She also makes THE BEST fried okra!

WHERE WOULD YOU GO IF YOU COULD VISIT ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD?:   If I could travel to anywhere in the world it would be to The Waitomo Caves in New Zealand.  Who wouldn’t want to be in a cavern filled with glow worms?




Our First Quarter Employee Profile 

Meet Pat Rapolevich our BIG SID representer !!


Pat Boat Group 001 Pat Christmas Group 001 Pat outside group 001 Pat waiting room 001

Questions for Pat:                                          









Dentistry in the News

Good Oral Health
Shape Magazine: Maintain Oral Health To Help Ensure Overall Health.

In a consumer-focused article, Shape Magazine (1/10, Baum) states that “the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums can tell a story about your overall health.” The article adds, “In fact, gum disease is associated with various, often serious, health problems,” such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and more. To maintain oral health and reduce the risk of other health problems, the article shares advice from a dentist, who recommends brushing teeth twice a day for two minutes, flossing at least once a day, and visiting the dentist regularly.In addition, HealthDay (1/11, McGuire) reports that to “stay well,” the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration offers several suggestions, including limiting alcohol, eating healthy foods, excising regularly, and keeping “an eye on weight, blood pressure, sleep patterns and oral health,” among others.MouthHealthy.org provides additional information on gum diseaseheart disease and oral health, and diabetes and oral health.Originally published in the ADA Morning Huddle

Mission of  Mercy 2016

At this year Mission of Mercy in Warren, MI the volunteers treated 968 patients and provided nearly 1 million dollars worth of work. What an awesome event! All thanks to the American Dental Association, Michigan’s Mission of Mercy and the volunteers! Go to https://www.smilemichigan.com/foundation/Mission-of-Mercy to read more about this event.

What’s happening with Brennan Family Dental?




Remembering “Big Sid”

Scott Winters  July 24, 2016  15 Comments

If you lived in west Michigan in 1978 and someone mentioned the name “Big Sid” — you knew exactly what they were talking about.

For those of  you who weren’t around, here’s the story.

“Big Sid” was a 7 year old, 16 foot python (some articles said 20 foot), who weighed 140 pounds. He  just happened to spend about a month loose in the Standale, MI, area during the summer of 1978. He was part of the Wonderful World Circus and was one of the star attractions. The clever serpent escaped from his plywood and rope cage…and slithered away into the woods on June 23rd, 1978.

People from the area searched for weeks looking for the elusive “Big Sid”. Several businesses took advantage of the added publicity to the area. LaVeen’s Department Store created “Standale: Home of Big Sid” t-shirts that sold like hotcakes. Other merchants named pizza or donuts after the snake.

Finally on July 24th, 1978, Steve Rapolevich, and his wife Patty, were bicycling on Maynard Avenue around 7:30 pm on that summery Monday night. As they biked along, they spotted “Big Sid”.  Steve got off his bike and grabbed the tail of the snake. He tried to hold on while his wife called the Police. It took six men to hold Big Sid. As they were trying to capture and contain the snake, about 500 people gathered to watch. “Bid Sid” had been captured!

Sid’s owner, Kenneth Heller, was thankful for all of the help he received from Standale residents during his search. After the snake’s capture, Heller agreed to exhibit the snake as part of the Standale “Sid-walk” Sale that year.

The month of freedom took it’s toll on “Sid”. When he was captured he weighed only 70 pounds. In the month or so he had been on the loose, he lost about half of his body weigh. Overall he was in pretty good health.

Spokane Daily Chronicle – July 25, 1978

The day after Sid’s capture there were stories in newspapers across the country, including the Nashua Telegraph (New Hampshire) and the Spokane Daily Chronicle (Washington). (Click on the newspaper clippings to see them full size)

Nashua Telegraph – July 27, 1978

A few years ago, mlive.com did a story on “Big Sid”. They also have a photo gallery of some of the photos from 1978. Here is the link to that story and photographs.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years when talking to people about this story…it seems that everyone has a relative that helped capture “Big Sid”. “My mother…”, “It was my uncle…”, “Big Sid was captured by my grandfather…”.

You can see other articles and pictures of ‘Big Sid’ in our office waiting room. 


We had so much FUN together at our Christmas Dinner and Bowling party we just had to share some of our Pics! 

Group Pic for Christmas Party

Girls Fun group pic

Bowling Winners

Bowling Alley Girls Pic


Group Kayak trip

Kayak Pic Spray
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